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Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

In partnership with Gnima Group, Holding Equatorial Guinea 2020, and Choco-Revo, KDHI is on a mission to revive the cacao sector of Equatorial Guinea to 2,500MT+ from its current production of ~500MT. The initiative seeks to increase the livelihood of farmers and alleviate poverty for low-income families. 

Equatorial Guinea is home to some of the world's most exotic cacao trees and its capital, Malabo, is located right on the cocoa belt at roughly 3°N with a perfect climate, very rich soil, and excellent rainfall levels (105-110 inches) to grow cacao, the fruit from which Chocolate is made. It is home to the rare Heirloom beans, which have a unique, fine flavor that attracts higher market prices.

Fact: Equatorial Guinea is the origin of the cacao grown in Ghana, which today is the 2nd largest producer in the world. 


Pilot Nursery Launched

Gnima Group successfully launched a pilot cocoa nursery in 2016 and planted 15,000 cacao trees in Malabo which are currently growing at an attractive rate

MOU Executed with Co-Investment Partner

Holding Equatorial Guinea is a $1 billion co-investment fund that was launched to co-invest alongside foreign partners into projects that diversify the country's economy

Specialty and Bulk Cocoa Off-takers Engaged and Interested

Gnima and KDHI have engaged specialty and bulk off-takers interested in the project's production once the cacao trees begin to harvest.


MOU Executed with Co-Investment Fund, Holding Equatorial Guinea 2020, for Sustainable Agriculture Development in the Cocoa Sector

May 1, 2018

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January 10, 2017

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