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We are a team of fearless entrepreneurs who are committed to driving the Agriculture renaissance in Africa and Latin America while empowering the youth and farmers to tackle global food insecurity and climate change


Unlock producer equity and sustainable revenue growth through a vertically integrated Agri-FinTech Trading platform 


Liquidate USD 1 Billion of Producer Harvest by 2030  through digitalization


Our team approaches all of our initiatives from the grassroots level in order to drive fundamental and sustainable growth, while at the same time applying our business acumen for generating results that benefit all stakeholders involved

experienced management

KDHI's management team has extensive experience in the Agriculture space and understands the challenges prevalent in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America

global presence
KDHI World Map.png

New York, NY

Accra, Ghana

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Mumbai, India

São Paulo, Brazil


Meet The Team


Kavaneet Dhami

  • Strengths: Engineering, Business Development, Partnerships

  • Gates Millennium Scholar

  • Univ. of Pennsylvania, BSE in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics

  • Born and raised in NY

Tawiah Mould 2.jpg

Tawiah Mould

  • Strengths: Operations, Management

  • Former Director at Cocoa360 and Operations Manager at Meridian Logistics & Engineering

  • Univ. of Pennsylvania, BS in Economics and Consumer Psychology

  • Born and raised in Ghana

Badjam Kessy Photo (2).jpeg

Badjam Fessy
CTO, Head of AgTech

  • Strengths: Technology, Agriculture Supply Chains

  • Software engineer , data analyst & robotics with 10+ years of experience in the Agriculture industry

  • Fluent in English, French

  • Born and raised in Chad

Mr Chen.jpg

Kurn Chen
Partner, Head of China

  • Strengths: China, Sales, International Business

  • Sales & Business Development expert with 30+ years experience doing business in China and other Asian countries

  • Fluent in Mandarin, English

  • Born and raised in Xiamen, China

Abdul Meridian Picture.jpg

Abdul Sulley 
Head of West Africa Operations

  • Strengths: Operations, Management

  • Operations expert with 5+ years of experience in Ghana

  • Fluent in Twi and Ga

  • Born and raised in Ghana

Augustus Aseidu.jfif

Augustus Aseidu
Head of West Africa Logistics

  • Strengths: International Logistics

  • 10+ years’ experience with export logistics and cold-chain logistics

  • Univ. of Ghana, BS in Economics

  • Born and raised in Ghana

Gurji Kochar.jpg

Gurji Kochar
Head of India Sales

  • Strengths: Sales, Partnerships

  • India business development expert in supply chain, logistics, distribution and technology 

  • Fluent in Hindi, Punjabi

  • Born and raised in Punjab

Jimmy Picture.png

Nguyen Phuc Hien
Head of Vietnam Sales

  • Strengths: Cashews, Quality Control

  • 15+ years experience in the global cashew industry 

  • Born and raised in Vietnam

Soybeans Picture.jpeg
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