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Wharton Agribusiness Club Hosts KDHI Agriculture to Discuss Sustainable Food Production in Africa

Philadelphia, PA, 01 November 2018 – The Wharton Agribusiness Club hosted a lunch and learn with Mr. Kavaneet Dhami (an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania) on November 1st, 2018 to present to 30+ Wharton students on KDHI’s important role in agriculture, technology and sustainability in Ghana. Mr. Dhami provided an overview of the Ghanaian agricultural landscape, opportunities for industry to address gaps, KDHI’s place in the mix and vision for agricultural development in Sub-Saharan Africa. Career opportunities within the organization were also addressed.

Wharton Agribusiness Board Members (Left to right): Deivanai Chidambaram, Rachel Donze, Alfonso Macias, Melanie Kirshenbaum, Astrid Rademeyer, and Neeti Singhal.

With a growing interest globally in agriculture and food businesses, an Agribusiness specific club was created at Wharton to form a community of like-minded individuals on campus. Over the course of the MBA program, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders in the Agribusiness industry are brought to the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in order to present material catered towards enlightening students on the various opportunities in the space and examples of successful start-up businesses working across the globe.

KDHI Agriculture’s main vision was to engage members of the Wharton community interested in Agribusiness with the intention to inspire this pool of highly talented future leaders.

About Wharton Agribusiness Club

The Wharton Agribusiness Club was founded by Wharton MBA students passionate about food and agriculture in 2015 given the growing interest globally in these respective areas. Wharton Agribusiness members, or “Waggies”, collectively form a community at Wharton aimed to:

  • Focus on agriculture and food businesses

  • Discuss recent trends and issues, for both the curious and already passionate

  • Learn more about the sector

  • Engage with alumni and thought leaders in the space in order to pursue post-MBA careers in the industry

About KDHI Agriculture

KDHI Agriculture is a leading Agribusiness/Agritech social enterprise focused on driving growth in the production, processing, and trade of Agricultural products from Sub-Saharan Africa using data-driven processes. KDHI’s key focus areas include: 1) market access, 2) value addition, and 3) soil management. The group works across various products but is currently focused on coconuts, cashews, and moringa. KDHI works with its investors and strategic partners to bring world-renowned expertise to the countries in which it operates in order to catalyze greater food security, health, nutrition and incomes for families, as well as generating value of all kinds beneficial to the state (sector growth, industrialization, poverty alleviation, etc.).


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