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Leading Vertically Integrated, Tech-Enabled Agriculture and Food Value Chain Platform in Sub-Saharan Africa

KDHI Agriculture is on a mission to build the businesses of our farmer partners in the production, processing, and trade of Agricultural and Food ingredients using data-driven processes

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What We Do

Tech-Enabled Sourcing

We work with farmers in different regions to increase their access to markets for their production using a tech-enabled platform

Modern Processing

We have a staff of experts working across product categories to achieve specifications aligned with global standards

Integrated Logistics

Our integrated logistics platform allows for a seamless and expeditious experience for our customers and stakeholders

Port Logistics

Our team at the port assures proper handling, clearing and export/import logistics to maintain efficiency and quality

Global Distribution

We have a global network of end customers and distributors that allows us to achieve scale quickly for varying products




gHANA = top 3 coconut PRODUCER IN AFRICA

Who We Serve

Food Processors

Are you a manufacturer that is receiving increased demand for your finished goods but lack the sourcing and/or distribution network in West Africa?

Global Trading Firms

Are you a physical commodities trader looking to trade Agricultural and food products from Africa but lack the experience, network or local partner to ensure a smooth process?

End Consumers

Are you an end consumer interested in Agricultural and Food products of West African origin but are having difficulty sourcing the product in the volumes you require?


We put farmers first

Kofi Boateng

Ghana Cashew Farmer

KDHI's team has trained us in improving our post-harvest management processes and has supported our farms by purchasing the products we have worked hard all year long to harvest. Normally we are unable to sell our crop due to a limited network

Akosua Opare

Ghana Coconut Farmer

We live in the Western region of Ghana where coconuts are everywhere. We drink as many coconuts from our farm and the rest just are left as waste. Now that we are making coconut shell charcoal, our incomes will significantly increase

Kwabena Frempong

Ghana Cashew Farmer

2016 and 2017 were difficult years for us. Our farm is not so close to the road side so we weren’t able to sell a lot of our crop. We are thankful for KDHI buying our Raw Cashew Nuts from us and teaching us new things about our soil

Joseph Celestino

Ghana Cashew Farmer

Our communities produce a lot of cashews but normally we are not given the opportunity to learn more about improving our methods as agriculture professionals. KDHI has been working with us to instill a long-term vision to build capacity with the intention to process our cashews locally

"​Farmers sit at the foundation of driving Africa's Agriculture Renaissance"

Kavaneet Dhami

CEO, KDHI Agriculture

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