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"Ghana Contends for the Crown of the World’s Fastest Growing Economy" - NY Times

Accra, 10 March 2018 - A New York Times article was published stating Ghana is anticipated to be the World’s Fastest Growing Economy in 2018.

Ghana has had a challenging history since the 1980s but it is considered to be one of the most stable, safe, and transparent economies in Africa. With the discovery and production of oil, Ghana’s oil revenues have increased significantly which have driven its growth numbers. According to the World Bank, the African Development Bank, the IMG and Brookings Institution, Ghana is likely to be the world’s fastest growing economy. The growth is projected to be between 8.3-8.9%, which might outpace India and Ethiopia.

Aside from oil, the agriculture sector is driving Ghana’s economy, particularly cocoa. Unlike other resource-rich nations in Africa, Ghana is taking the right steps and initiatives to diversify its economy away from the petroleum industry. With the Agriculture sector driving the economy further, industries like Finance and Healthcare will also begin to improve.

About KDHI

KDHI is a leading Agribusiness development firm that trains farmers, merges foreign and local capital, and secures off-take agreements to drive agriculture production in Sub-Saharan Africa and exponentially increase yields through data-driven processes. We work with our investors and strategic partners to bring world-renowned expertise to the countries in which we operate in order to catalyze greater food security for families, better health and nutrition, increased income, greater access to basic social services and increased productivity, as well as generating taxes of all kinds beneficial to the state (export revenue, agricultural equipment, etc.).



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