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Gnima Group and KDHI Execute Contract to Export Cocoa from Equatorial Guinea to a Tokyo-Based Trader

Malabo, 15 November 2017 - KDHI has formed a strategic partnership with Gnima Group, the Company's local execution partner in Equatorial Guinea, and a Tokyo-based trader that buys cocoa from niche African countries (Rwanda, DRC, Liberia, Tanzania, and others).

​Gnima, KDHI, and its partners are looking to revive the cocoa sector of Equatorial Guinea by rehabilitating old farms and planting new farms to increase overall production. The consortium met with H.E. Jesus Mba Bela Abaha (Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Ghana) to discuss the Project and the intention to export a portion of the current production (~500MT) of cocoa to establish the export logistics and market for the farmers.

Gnima Group and KDHI are establishing an international market for Equatorial Guinea current production, which is of below average quality due to lower moisture levels (3-4%). The low moisture content is due to the post-harvest management processes that mainly involve drying used burning wood. The ideal moisture content is 6-8%, which can be achieved immediately by introducing improved drying methods. ​

Equatorial Guinea is a nation whose cocoa sector has declined in recent years due to the country’s discovery of oil. The allure of agriculture faded and transitioned to the oil and gas industry, which resulted in the country’s cocoa production falling from 40,000Mt in the mid-1900s to ~500MT in 2017 The quality of the country's cocoa pre-drying is of the highest quality in the world and can be optimized for maximized revenue generation. About Gnima Group Gnima Group is domiciled in Ivory Coast and Equatorial Guinea, focused mainly on the agriculture sectors in each country. The Company is comprised of experts in the cocoa industry and general agribusiness sub-sectors. The mission is to increase the gross domestic production in these countries allowing them to prosper on a global stage. Gnima Group is the original founder of Project AgriPro in Equatorial Guinea: a Project to revive the nation’s cacao sector.

About KDHI KDHI is a leading Agribusiness development firm that trains farmers, merges foreign and local capital, and secures off-take agreements to drive agriculture production in Sub-Saharan Africa and exponentially increase yields through data-driven processes. We work with our investors and strategic partners to bring world-renowned expertise to the countries in which we operate in order to catalyze greater food security for families, better health and nutrition, increased income, greater access to basic social services and increased productivity, as well as generating taxes of all kinds beneficial to the state (export revenue, agricultural equipment, etc.).



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