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Meeting the Increased Demand for Dried Fruit from Ghana

Accra, 02 August 2016 - Demand for dried fruits is growing, especially since consumers of all generations are becoming increasingly health-conscious. The food industries of nations globally have responded accordingly and adjusted to cater to these evolving consumer demands, specifically by opening new markets for fresh fruit processing. Ghana is one of those countries. ​KDHI has been approached by firms in Russia and certain European countries to produce dried fruits in Ghana for export. Pineapples, Mangos, Papaya and Bananas are the main type of fruits that demand interest. In order to develop this portion of the market, KDHI has been engaged to support a industrial-scale pineapple farmer develop a business model to begin producing dried pineapples in Ghana.

Pineapple production in Ghana is concentrated in the Central, Eastern, Greater Accra and Volta regions. The main varieties grown for export (both sea and air freight) are MD2 and Smooth Cayenne.​

Although pineapple is exported, there is a significant portion of production that is rejected and not used for value-added purposes. The World Bank has initiated the ‘Ghana Skills and Technology Development Project’ to alleviate this issue by constructing drains to take water away from pineapple beds, reducing the amount of stagnant water and subsequently, disease. Farmers also receive fertilization training and learn mechanized farming methods. This is a long-term solution that will boost production and its associated quality. For the percentage of the crop that is rejected, however, it is still perfectly viable to use for dried fruits, which can demand a healthier margin than the fresh fruits themselves.

Our team prepared a detailed study for the pineapple farm and how it can venture into dried fruit production. This included a fully supply-chain logistics analysis from production to processing to export. The results proved useful and has encouraged the pineapple farm to invest into drying machines once certain market dynamics in Ghana improve, particularly the high cost of electricity. The market in Ghana is ripe for dried fruit production and farmers have taken note of it. Our team is building capacity in this space and will look to make investments in the sector in the near future. About KDHI KDHI is a leading Agribusiness development firm that trains farmers, merges foreign and local capital, and secures off-take agreements to drive agriculture production in Sub-Saharan Africa and exponentially increase yields through data-driven processes. We work with our investors and strategic partners to bring world-renowned expertise to the countries in which we operate in order to catalyze greater food security for families, better health and nutrition, increased income, greater access to basic social services and increased productivity, as well as generating taxes of all kinds beneficial to the state (export revenue, agricultural equipment, etc.).



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